In September 2020, MMS launched the UMT-MMS Sea Turtle Conservation Programme which is a strategic collaboration between UMT- SEATRU and MMS focusing on conserving and protecting the sea turtles. This programme is part of the MISC Group’s Heart of the Ocean campaign to improve ocean health by conserving the marine ecosystem and reducing the impact of human activities on the oceans. This is in line with the Group’s commitment to ensure the sustainable use of the ocean and the preservation of marine biodiversity as outlined in UNSDG 14 – Life Below Water.

There are several activities under this programme which are currently in progress such as facilities upgrading at Turtle Sanctuary in Chagar Hutang, Pulau Redang, promoting MMS’ branding through publications, advertisements, programme collaterals, and information boards as well as volunteering and outreach programmes with related stakeholders.

Beyond saving and protecting the sea turtles, UMT and MMS will continuously leverage on activities towards developing a sustainable environment. Together with UMT, MMS will continue to establish efforts in conserving and protecting sea turtles in Malaysia.