Maritime Services Division

The Maritime Services Division (MSD) serves as the centre to offer Tanker and Offshore Inspections, Marine Risk Assessment and Assurance, Compliance and Consultancy services to clients.
The MSD houses marine professionals and inspectors that are accredited by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) to conduct ship and offshore vessel inspections and consultancy work on assurance.

What We Do

  • In-house Vessel Inspection Systems (VIS) and Offshore Support Vessel Inspection Systems (OSVIS) to record, evaluate and monitor the vessels’ inspection and compliance status.
  • Screening of vessels entering the terminals and the availability of vessels for chartering are accessible to our clients on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.
  • We are proud to train and develop our own local Malaysian as inspectors.
  • MMS SIRE and OVID Worldwide inspection coverage that spans across continents.
Our Range of Services

Maritime Services


Inspection and screening of oil tankers, chemical tankers, and LNG Carriers for downstream business


Inspection of offshore vessels for upstream businesses, e.g. offshore supply vessels, to ensure a high safety standard applied in its operations


Provision of marine assurance and consultancy work such as auditing of chartered vessels, vessel operators, marine terminals and shipyards


Conduct International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) internal audits and consultancy work in compliance with the ISPS

Additonal Services

  • Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA)
  • Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) Audit
  • Offshore Vessels Inspection Database (OVID)
  • Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment (OVMSA)
  • Pre-Hire Inspection
  • Offshore Vessel Suitability Survey
  • Dry Bulk Vetting
  • Marine Risk Assessment
  • Bunker Fuel Audit
  • Self Propelled Oil Barge (SPOB) Inspection
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Vessel Assurance and Consultancy
  • Shipyard Assessment
  • Roving Marine Marshal for verification and assurance purpose
  • Conditional Survey

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