Assurance & Consultancy Service

MMS provides a range of assurance and consultancy services to enable our clients’ safe and efficient asset operations. We help our clients to evaluate and analyse various aspects and risks of their marine operations from the management of the vessel to the shipping company and terminal facility to ensure their greater asset safety, efficiency and cost optimisation.

we are

Qualified Screeners and Auditors

MMS is certified by the Malaysia Marine Department for conducting Marine Risk Assessments (MRA). As part of our assurance and consultancy services, in partnership with our clients, we solve daily challenges and improve operations by providing innovative and value-adding recommendations for further improvements based on the industry’s best practices without compromising on safety.

By acting as the gatekeeper and main touchpoint for maritime services, we maintain a high standard of safety and ensure only high-quality vessels and operators are engaged by our clients.

What we offer

  • Provide prospective charterers with the information on vessel screenings and evaluations on the vessels’ technical and operational data before the charter.
  • Perform management reviews on tankers and offshore operators for the purpose of Tanker Management andSelf-Assessment (TMSA) and Offshore Vessels Management and Self-Assessment (OVMSA) audits to ensure clients comply with the Safety Management System (SMS) and KPI’s of Best Industry Practices as to minimise their level of risks.
  • Offer Roving Marine Marshall Services (RMMS), with focus on verification and assurance for upstream activities including conducting onboard inspections on vessel safety compliance, bridge management, fuel consumption and more.
  • Provide qualified and experienced marine professionals for project management services to conducting assurance and pre-hire inspections.
  • Proprietary in-house Vessel Inspection System (VIS 2.0) that allows clients to access anywhere in the world.

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