Building a Sustainable Future

Our sustainability vision is to care for the environment and operate safely and responsibly whilst promoting individual and team excellence, creating a positive impact on communities and building trusted relationships with our stakeholders. To further embed sustainability values into our company, we have regrouped our strategy into four key pillars and we are committed to these strategic priorities.


To care for the environment and operate responsibly.


To promote health and safety, individual and team excellence as well as positive impact on communities.


To foster strong governance and business ethics culture.

Stakeholder Engagement

To care for the environment and operate responsibly.


Sea Turtle Conservation Programme

MMS is committed to conserving and protecting the local marine biodiversity. We have embarked on a partnership with University Malaysia Terengganu – Sea Turtle Research Unit (UMT-SEATRU) to form a 5-year programme, known as UMT-MMS Sea Turtle Conservation Programme with the aim of protecting the sea turtles and its habitat. We endeavour to play our role in advancing the progressive agenda in marine sciences to protect our oceans and ensure its sustainable use and the marine resources in it.

Our collaboration with UMT-SEATRU includes the following:

  • Promote and create awareness on the conservation of sea turtles
  • Improve and upgrade the facilities of SEATRU’s research station at Pasir Chagar Hutang, Pulau Redang.
  • Advocate for sea turtle conservation amongst employees through volunteering programme conducted by UMT-SEATRU


Contact us at to learn more about this project and volunteering opportunities.

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